Clark Hunt: Chiefs prefer an Arrowhead Stadium renovation over a new stadium


Chiefs owner Clark Hunt wants his team to stay put at Arrowhead Stadium, as long as a good renovation plan can be found.

There’s been talk that the Chiefs could move to a new stadium, likely outside the Kansas City city limits, after their lease in Arrowhead expires eight years from now. Hunt said that the team is still evaluating everything but would like to see the 50-year-old Arrowhead Stadium last for decades to come.

“That process is ongoing,” Hunt said. “We’re very hopeful that we’ll be able to renovate Arrowhead when the time comes, but we’re probably a year-plus away from being able to make that determination. It’s not a very simple answer when you’re trying to make a decision whether a building can go another 25 or 30 years, starting eight years from now. We’re being very methodical about it. We want to get to the right answer because it’s very important.”

Hunt said he can’t rule out going elsewhere but considers staying at Arrowhead the first choice.

“That would be our No. 1 priority,” he said. “We’re going to evaluate all our options, obviously. We’ve got to figure out what’s best for the franchise, what’s best for the fan base. But it starts with evaluating Arrowhead and that’s where we are right now.”

The Chiefs first played at Arrowhead in 1972. Only the Packers have played more consecutive seasons at their current home field.