Extreme hoarder’s house put up for sale – including a tomb with his remains


Eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel is having the last laugh after his home was put up for auction – including his remains which are buried in a tomb.

Jake, 83, was born John Bottomley but called himself the ‘King of the Eccentrics’, died last year .

His relatives carried out his last wishes by burying him in his Huddersfield garden near some ancient stone, which came out of York Minster.

Auction Manchester, which is marketing the house off Laund Road, Salendine Nook, says it is derelict and available for a knockdown £75,000.

It says: “Please be aware this property is being sold by a family member as part of a relative’s estate.

“As part of the deceased’s wishes, who was a well-known local character, they asked to be buried in the garden and this wish has been carried out with the property being sold as it is.

“Information regarding the respectful treatment of human remains in un-consecrated grounds can be found on the government website.

“Please note that there will be contents remaining inside and outside the property upon completion.” The auction will be held on September 6th.”

Jake rose to fame in the 1980s appearing on various television shows, and was featured in a 2014 documentary about his life.

He lived in a cottage and later a caravan in Huddersfield, which he dubbed ‘Wonderful Wurzel Land’, where he worked on his unusual inventions which included his prized car, with a bathtub and toilet on the roof.

He had previously appeared on an episode of the Channel 5 show Hoarders.

The house was destroyedl in 2010 following a blaze and he then lived in a static caravan which also burnt down in April 2016.

He died of skin cancer and had previously suffered from depression but said becoming Mangle-Wurzel helped him overcome that.

He once said: “For the first 40 years I had no sense of humour. People who know my wit now cannot believe this. It’s a miracle and I am a genius,” he once said.

He once met the comedian Spike Milligan who said: “My father had a profound influence on me. He was a lunatic.” The same could have been said of Jake.”